“Now is your chance!! You’ve got to turn into that Super-Super Saiyan!!!!”

A state the pushes even further beyond the Super Saiyan type 2, taking everything to an even greater level. Conditions to meet in order to transform are the same as the previous stage, but for a longer period of time. Transforming is a much longer process than before, and causes an earthquake as though the planet fearful of the power soon to be unleashed. During this, the pupils may disappear, returning once the transformation is complete.

Visual Changes (From the Super Saiyan type 2) – - Each hair strand becomes very large and juts out extremely far. - The aura is very wild and all over the place, and tends to branch off in random directions like a massive surging ball of electricity. - Muscle mass increases even further, to well over twice the size as the original Super Saiyan.

Extra Detail(s) – - Because of the incredible increase in muscle mass, the Saiyan finds himself incapable of moving in any sort of fast or fluid manner, leaving them completely useless against an opponent with any kind of speed. Theoretically, this stage would be extremely effective against a large group of much weaker opponents.

Anime Perspective: The Aura is changed to a translucent series of repetitious golden waves, which constantly travel upward and outward. Whereas the Aura was always present in the Manga, it tends to come and go in the Anime without any sort of consistency. As opposed to the previous forms, this one tends to generate sporadic cackles of electricity, as well as blacken the skies above. Also, the hair is changed to yellow as opposed to golden.

Known Users – - Trunks - Son Goku - Cell