“Okay, then…I’ll have to go past the Super Saiyan level beyond the original Super Saiyan!”

Behold the Ultimate Super Saiyan!!! This transformation marks the end of the progression of Super Saiyans, and is the greatest culmination of Saiyan power when naturally realized. Only 2 warriors every unlocked this state, one of which is a fused warrior. This is also the only Super Saiyan stage capable of matching up against the series’ final central antagonist – Majin Boo. The exact requirements for bringing forth this power aren’t even really known, because it isn’t explored with much depth.

Visual Changes (from the Super Saiyan level 2) – - The hair grows several times in length, down to the back of the waist or knees (depending on users own height). - The aura closely resembles that of the Super Saiyan level 2, but the border almost seems to meld right into the air itself from time to time. - The eyebrows disappear completely, giving the Saiyan a face that may somewhat resemble that of a Namekian.

Extra Detail(s) – - The demand of Ki required to tap the awesome power the Super Saiyan level 3 makes it so that it can only be freely used in the afterlife. When used in the living realm, it causes the user to either borrow against time before returning to the netherworld, or completely drain oneself of all power after just a few minutes of transforming. It may well be impossible to access the full power of this state in the living realm. For fused fighters, this stage can be used freely, but with a time limit of 5 minutes.

Anime Perspective: The Aura is changed to a translucent series of repetitious golden waves, which constantly travel upward, except for when Goku first showcased the form during his fight with Majin Boo. A good deal of the time, the aura bowed out in all directions, appearing as a constant spark of light. Whereas the Aura was always present in the Manga, it tends to come and go in the Anime without any sort of consistency. Also, the hair is changed to yellow, as opposed to golden. The streaks of lightning are removed and replaced with an occasional bolt of blue electricity that scrambles through the air, occasionally striking and destroying pieces of the surrounding landscape.

Known Users – - Son Goku - Gotenks