All Super Sayians

Transgressing oneself and becoming a Super Saiyan is triggered by an event of incredible despair and anger. In the moments leading up to the change, the eyes become unfocused and the body rattles like an earthquake is welling up inside – after which, the transformation occurs like an instantaneous maelstrom of energy! Supposedly, one must have a power level in the multi-millions beforehand, and also have a pure heart (good, evil, or otherwise…) during the time of transformation. The power increase is relatively unknown, as it depends on the Saiyan, and how much training they have undergone.

Visual Changes (from the normal Saiyan) – - The hair turns deep gold; flows upward into thick, slanted spikes; bangs tend to hang down over the face and sides of the head. - A complete black border is inscribed around the eyes, giving a much more focused and “mean” look. The pupils turn to a deep green. - The aura is a steady, form fitting flame of pure white that encompasses the body at all times.

Extra Detail(s) – - For Saiyans whom haven’t come far in bringing the best from their Super Saiyan forms, a state of great ferocity and ecstasy overcomes them. - This is the only Super Saiyan transformation that requires rage or any sort of powerful emotion to unlock, as the rest are brought about by training. - Through rigorous training, a Saiyan can bring himself to a point where Super Saiyan is his natural state. In this manner, he relieves the state of ecstasy normally accompanied by the change. No aura is displayed in this “stage”. - When a Super Saiyan either brings himself to a point where transforming bring no strain upon himself or makes the stage his natural state, their full power aura undergoes a change in which it becomes larger and more vibrant (the hair may also become slightly more elevated). This also marks the point in which the Saiyan has truly mastered the power of the Super Saiyan – far surpassing the “Super Saiyan type 2” and “Super Saiyan type 3” stages outlined later in this guide.

Anime Perspective: The aura is changed to a “golden ambiance” which is semi-clear. Whereas the Aura was always present before, it tends to come and go in the Anime without any sort of consistency. Also, the hair is changed to yellow as opposed to golden. The power-up sequence is lengthened significantly.

Known users – - Son Goku - (Future) Trunks - Vegeta - Cell - Son Gohan - (Future) Son Gohan - Son Goten - Trunks - Gotenks - Vegito