Taught martial arts by his adoptive grandfather, Gohan, who raised him out in the wilderness. He is extremely strong, agile, and virtually fearless. He'll take on any fight no matter what the odds are if he thinks that someone has been wronged, and he'll usually win. When the Saiyans arrive on Earth, Goku learns the mysterious secret of his own past: he is a Saiyan named Kakarot. Goku was sent to Earth as a baby to grow up and destroy the planet, but a head injury as a child scrambled Goku's programming. Instead of growing up to become a destructive super-warrior, he became innocent and pure of heart, fighting for good. Goku is peaceful, good natured, honest, loving to his family and friends, loyal, trustworthy, and brave. If he has a weakness, it is his trusting nature. He always finds the "good" in people when others don't see it, though Goku's enemies sometimes take advantage of his naive trust. He trained under Master Roshi and wears his symbol until he trains under King Kai, whose symbol he wears on the back but keeps Roshi's on the front. Goku marries Chi-Chi, and Together they have two sons: Gohan and Goten. When Cell blows himself up in hopes to destroy Earth Goku uses his instant transmission technique to transport them both to King Kai's place killing Goku along with King Kai but unfortunately not Cell. Gohan eventually kills Cell but Goku decides to stay in Other World and train. There Goku surpasses Super Saiyan 2 and reaches Super Saiyan 3. He one day visits Earth for a tournament but is told by Supreme Kai about Buu who he then battles. When Goku's 1 day limit is up he is forced to return to Other World but to his great surprise finds Gohan is in fact alive and training in secret with Supreme Kai. Eventually Goku beats Buu and comes back to live on Earth and in GT he reaches the great level of SSJ4.


Kamehameha- A blue energy beam strong enough to level a mountain.

Super Kamehameha- A bigger and better Kamehameha.

Kaio-Ken- It makes you stronger.

Spirit Bomb- A big ball of energy.

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