“Show me what you can do…show me what lies beyond the Super Saiyan!!”

This transformation has no roots in rage – but is brought about by extensive training and control over the state of Super Saiyan. Turning into this state resembles that of an extensive power-up sequence, in which the aura rages uncontrollably and is finally finished with a great flash of light, with a transformed Saiyan at the center.

Visual Changes (from the Super Saiyan) – - The hair spikes further on end and is more defined. - The aura for this state is rough, and much more vibrant than that of the previous level. - Muscle mass increases significantly.

Extra Detail(s) – - Based on what little we see of this form, it seems the user tends to rely on single-hitting strong attacks, and much less on rapid attacks. This may or may not be a side effect of the extra bulk presented in this state.

Anime Perspective: The aura is changed to a translucent series of repetitious golden waves, which constantly travel upward. Whereas the Aura was always present in the Manga, it tends to come and go in the Anime without any sort of consistency. Also, the hair is changed to yellow as opposed to golden.

Known Users – - Vegeta - Trunks

- Son Goku